ORGANIZERS: CHSU „Druzhba“, SC „Hereya“, Elite Chess Club,  with the assistance of the Bulgarian Chess Federation 1928.

Date and Place: May 15, 2022 Sofia, Obelya 2,106, №3. Private Secondary School “Druzhba”,.

Regulations for conducting and Validity: The competition will be divided into two parallel tournaments played under the Swiss system in 7 rounds, with INTERNATIONAL and Bulgarian RATING (ELO) of accelerated chess.

• LITTLE – for children up to 10 years

• JUNIOR – for children up to 14 years

GAME CONTROL: 10 minutes per competitor with the addition of 5 seconds per move.

PARTICIPATION: All pre-registered competitors born after 1.1.2012 are eligible for the LITTLE tournament and all pre-registered competitors born after 1.1.2008 are eligible for the JUNIOR tournament.

Deadline for the registration: 12.05.2022

Organizational fee: 30 BGN payable upon registration on site.



* In case of winning more than one prize, only the bigger one is awarded, and in case of a draw – the one in the more prestigious category is awarded.

RANKING: The ranking depends on the number of points earned.

In case of equality, the following additional indicators apply consecutively:

  1. Results of the games between competitors in the same scoring group;
  2. Reduced Buchholz (–1);
  3. Buchholz;
  4. More wins;
  5. Soneborn-Berger.